Bangladesh Ready To Receive Messi

If any person doesn’t like football games yet he/she knows about Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi is the world famous football player. He is the player of Barcelona league. Also he is the captain of Argentina national team of Football. He is more famous than other world Argentine football player Diageo Maradona.

4th September, 2011 this world famous foot player Lionel Messi will come Bangladesh for performing Argentina between Nigeria football match. It was dream of all football lovers and general public of Bangladesh. Argentina vs. Nigeria national team final match will be held on 6th September at Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before this they will play practice match on 5th September.

Bangabandhu National Stadium

Bangladesh is ready for receiving Messi and his team. All preparation has completed. Nothing problem is here. The two teams will stay in Rupashi Bangla Hotel. The hotel is also prepared to receive them. It is decorated with Argentina’s flag, different types of flag’s color cloths and Messi’s big pictures. Their food menu is ready, their room is ready. Their food items are –argentine food like ham& cheese, Italian food like-pazta, pizza, potato boil, omlet, salad, butter and also there Bangladeshi food Hilsha fish & Potato mash and so on.

In Airport two groups of government people will receive their. National football team and women football team. They will receive them with flowers. And also general public & Messi lovers must receive them with flowers, festoon, play card and banners etc.

Lionel Messi with girl friend

When all are ready then just only one problem will come in front. Argentine people only know Spanish and not other language. On the hand Bangladeshi team management officer (& other people) know Bengali and English language. It is not only a problem but also a very big problem. 

Now it is time to see how Bangladesh spent this problem where all receiving items are ready….


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