Hot Body: Jennifer Love Hewitt looks great

Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini

If someone is a looker, then probably clear Jennifer Love Hewitt (33). The actress, who fought a long time against their extra pounds, decreased a lot and now includes a new body feeling even more confident occurs, has now dared to pose in lingerie or swimwear in on the cover of Shape magazine.

Jennifer braces his arms in her waist, smiling friendly and proves all the critics that she looks fabulous. Your character makes other women pale with envy, because Jennifer is really not an ounce too much. Especially her belly and arms are nicely toned and defined. In comparison, a few years ago showed up pictures of brunette beauty, which she showed at the beach in a very unfavorable pose. Today, Jennifer says, "I was then not at all for the sport and I was really unhealthy diet Then I realized that I need to work on me again."

And it worked pretty well, as you can now see easily. In addition to a strict diet, Jennifer still makes a combination of yoga and dance, which was intended effect. "I have also tried boxing and this has helped me a lot. When in life sometimes have to go through difficult times, this is a really good therapy." Jennifer is happy with her current appearance, in any event, because flaws we can not for the life find her.

Kim Kardashian knows the sex of her baby

kanye west and kim kardashian

This baby is being eagerly awaited and is born into one of the richest family in Hollywood. For Kim Kardashian (32) and Kanye West (35) are currently considered THE Celebrity dream couple par excellence, are present everywhere and together worth millions.

Understood that with their popularity, the curiosity about the young immeasurably increases. And the tension still stir up a bit, is now reported in the U.S., the parents know the sex of the baby, but unfortunately it will not share with the public. Together with their closest friends, mother Kris Jenner (57) and sister Khloe Kardashian (28), the parents-to-be now visited Kim's doctor there and seen on the ultrasound gender.

"Kanye wants to have a boy who would be happy but also a daughter. Basically it is the same to him," an insider is quoted on Showbizspy. "Kim wants a girl of course, but so far we can only speculate." Amidst the baby preparations, but the two have still time to get a new home thoughts, because for the next generation finally everything should be perfect.

Whether Kim and Kanye might still betray us, whether they're having a boy or a girl, is still in its stars. Want to but that would be in any case.

Justin Bieber spent $ 10,000 for Fast Food

justin-bieber at bar

Money makes the world go round, it has also realized Justin Bieber (18) and he seems to spend his millions in handfuls. Big cars, expensive clothes and large villas he can with his young age to call his own. And even with Biebs is the fast food excursion a true luxury trip. He bought snack food for the handsome $ 10,000.

He suggested, however it is of course not alone full stomach, but also supplied other. When he appeared this week on Saturday Night Live he got while filming an enormous appetite. Without further ado he ordered for himself and his crew, chicken stay and Co. at a Chinese restaurant. And even the fans who were waiting outside for their idol, were supplied.

The freezing Belieber got pizza delivered and could not believe their luck. A fine train, the young superstar spends his money without batting an eyelash for its environment and its fans.

Slip! Miley Cyrus can again look deep

Miley Cyrus Boob

As part of New York Fashion Week was Miley Cyrus look (20) deep. When posing for the photographers and the fans actually sat still everything where it cheeky Miley Cyrus had sat unpacked. The red jumpsuit and the beloved leather jacket wrapped her slim figure and that's a downright in case Miley who loves tight outfits, a rather rare sight.

In the crowd of enthusiastic supporters but then it came as it had to: the sexy neckline slipped south and Miley Cyrus revealed again a little patch of breast, what these days among the U.S. stars but yes heard almost de rigueur.

The American press is celebrating the mini view of the Miley-bust in numerous articles. In a quiet moment, the Stöfflein but then put back into the correct position and on it went with the fashion week tour of New York City.

Always on Miley page: Mama Tish that it is certainly nice if the world is more focused on the new album as her daughter on the show flashing side boob.

Joey Heindle is to blame for his failure?

Joey Heindle

This confession came as a surprise to many: Jungle King Joey Heindle (19) has not a cent more in the bank is dependent on financial support of his girlfriend and puts the blame on others already.

After his victory at "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here" earlier this year but everything still seemed so rosy. In his private life, things went well and professionally, it seemed again to go forward - even a new song took on the former American Idol contestant. But now the turn, especially for the various contracts entered into dubious and managers are responsible, so Joey himself.

On the subject To combat money vultures now proceed, Joey has even consulted a lawyer, who will judge all. But why is it really that suddenly all that money is gone? Is his current fame really alone to blame for the misery or even Joey has also contributed somewhat to this predicament?

Was he to be trusted, he has lived beyond its means, or just plain wrong calculated? Discussed with and tell us your opinion on the subject.

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