Hot Body: Jennifer Love Hewitt looks great

Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini

If someone is a looker, then probably clear Jennifer Love Hewitt (33). The actress, who fought a long time against their extra pounds, decreased a lot and now includes a new body feeling even more confident occurs, has now dared to pose in lingerie or swimwear in on the cover of Shape magazine.

Jennifer braces his arms in her waist, smiling friendly and proves all the critics that she looks fabulous. Your character makes other women pale with envy, because Jennifer is really not an ounce too much. Especially her belly and arms are nicely toned and defined. In comparison, a few years ago showed up pictures of brunette beauty, which she showed at the beach in a very unfavorable pose. Today, Jennifer says, "I was then not at all for the sport and I was really unhealthy diet Then I realized that I need to work on me again."

And it worked pretty well, as you can now see easily. In addition to a strict diet, Jennifer still makes a combination of yoga and dance, which was intended effect. "I have also tried boxing and this has helped me a lot. When in life sometimes have to go through difficult times, this is a really good therapy." Jennifer is happy with her current appearance, in any event, because flaws we can not for the life find her.


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