Joey Heindle is to blame for his failure?

Joey Heindle

This confession came as a surprise to many: Jungle King Joey Heindle (19) has not a cent more in the bank is dependent on financial support of his girlfriend and puts the blame on others already.

After his victory at "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here" earlier this year but everything still seemed so rosy. In his private life, things went well and professionally, it seemed again to go forward - even a new song took on the former American Idol contestant. But now the turn, especially for the various contracts entered into dubious and managers are responsible, so Joey himself.

On the subject To combat money vultures now proceed, Joey has even consulted a lawyer, who will judge all. But why is it really that suddenly all that money is gone? Is his current fame really alone to blame for the misery or even Joey has also contributed somewhat to this predicament?

Was he to be trusted, he has lived beyond its means, or just plain wrong calculated? Discussed with and tell us your opinion on the subject.


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