Slip! Miley Cyrus can again look deep

Miley Cyrus Boob

As part of New York Fashion Week was Miley Cyrus look (20) deep. When posing for the photographers and the fans actually sat still everything where it cheeky Miley Cyrus had sat unpacked. The red jumpsuit and the beloved leather jacket wrapped her slim figure and that's a downright in case Miley who loves tight outfits, a rather rare sight.

In the crowd of enthusiastic supporters but then it came as it had to: the sexy neckline slipped south and Miley Cyrus revealed again a little patch of breast, what these days among the U.S. stars but yes heard almost de rigueur.

The American press is celebrating the mini view of the Miley-bust in numerous articles. In a quiet moment, the Stöfflein but then put back into the correct position and on it went with the fashion week tour of New York City.

Always on Miley page: Mama Tish that it is certainly nice if the world is more focused on the new album as her daughter on the show flashing side boob.


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