Beyoncé: The hottest woman of the century

Beyonce Knowles magazine GQ

SHE is the hottest woman of the century: R & B singer Beyoncé Knowles (31)! This title, brings about not only her sexy look.

The men's magazine "GQ" Beyoncé has named the " hottest Woman of the 21st Century", emphasizing that this is not just about her looks, but also their power and their status as a role model.

On the cover of the February issue shows the wife of rapper Jay-Z, one year after the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy in skimpy panties and toned abdominal muscles. What a sexy body comeback!

The celebrity portal "TMZ" speculation already has an image post. But that's in large daily newspapers and in no way diminishes Beyoncé Hammer broadcasting.

Beyonce Knowles hottest woman

Beyoncé Knowles Hot

16 Grammys, 75 million albums sold and 50-million advertising deal with Pepsi. Beyoncé may sometimes not even believe how far she has managed.

"I've worked my whole childhood on so hard to achieve this one goal: At 30 I wanted to have managed to do and can do what I want," said the superstar in "GQ" interview. "I've sacrificed a lot for it, worked harder than many can imagine."

For all Beyoncé fans there is next to the beautiful GQ cover also another reason to be happy: After years of pause, she again makes music with "Destiny's Child", the group has made them famous.

"I'm so proud that I announce the first own Destiny's Child song in eight years can," she wrote on her website. The new song is titled "Nuclear" and is part of the album "Love Songs", at the 29th January appears.

Hot beyonce knowles nude

Sexiest Woman of the 21st Century


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