Heidi Montag: Late remorse about their OP openness

Heidi Montag 2013
Yes, if the celebrities move into the Big Brother house, then the truths come to light. In a homelike atmosphere surrounded by cameras they spill the beans and reveal their innermost feelings.

Heidi currently sets Monday from such a "confession" in the celebrity edition of the total surveillance. They have in common with her husband Spencer Pratt pulled (29) in the same container and excited with her sexy appearance tempers.

In a skimpy bikini she dabbles in the private pool and speaks quite openly about her past surgery. "I wish I had never talked about it, and keep it all for me," she admits. Because: "I ​​never thought that I would stay the woman was operating for the rest of my life. I spoke honestly about what I can do. I wanted to be a liar, but now all this comes back to me in a negative way." Proud 10 operations behind Heidi, with whom she began at a young age. Once when she started it, she was in his own words is not enough and wanted more and more.

The praise of the other candidates, and The X-Factor participant Rylan Clarke "I think you look fantastic in" Heidi would then but have yet cheered again.


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