Justin Bieber New tattoo of his grandfather

Justin Bieber  tattoo grandfather

Justin Bieber New tattoo: The Instagram account of Justin Bieber can now already be treated with a tattoo gallery. Sometimes it almost seems as if he renne immediately for tattooists, hardly that the previous little picture has healed. His latest piece is an Indian head on the shoulder blade.

What lies behind the well there is a significant motive? The "Baby" singer pays homage lest Indian roots, but with his family it has to do something anyway. With the tattoo he has his beloved grandfather put an everlasting memory. "My grandfather always took me on Friday night at the Stratford Cullitons. That's for you, Grandpa, "he explained in the commentary to the photo of his back on the Internet.

The head of the Indian with the stately plumes is based on the logo of the Canadian hockey team. He settled the black and white motif way from the famous tattoo artist Chente stand in Los Angeles. How long it will wait probably until the next Pic happen?

Justin Bieber New tattoo

Justin Bieber New tattoo 2013


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