Brad Pitt arrived back in China?

Brad Pitt is now a member of the Chinese Variente of Facebook. "Sina Weibo" is the name of the social network, in which he has created a profile. He is seen as anything but gladly, especially when the Communist government.

1997 Pitt turned the critical film "Seven Years in Tibet", as Result fact he no longer allowed to enter the country. So it is quite remarkable what he told the first message to the Chinese.

"It's the truth. Yep, I "am, the Hollywood star said on Monday. Whether he actually believes his return? A spokesman declined to comment on now is not the plans.

But its popularity, it seems Brad Pitt in China to be no shortage. The account of the six-time dad is already more than 100,000 followers. Not bad, but if that can sway the Supreme Ruler of the vast empire?


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