Kate Middleton pregnant: Prince Charles wants his grandchildren a better world

Kate Middleton pregnant

Kate Middleton is pregnant and also particularly pleased her father Prince Charles (64). He wishes nothing more than a perfect world for his unborn grandchildren.

In a British morning show said Charles, "I'm talking for years about the importance of long-term thinking in terms of environmental degradation, climate change and everything else. We want to - in a rational world - our grandchildren do not pass any disturbed world, to give to the real problem. "

Next said HRH, "I do not want to be confronted by my future grandchildren and listen to me, 'Why did you do anything?'"

It was for him now even more clear that we must act and to future generations is not completely "poisoned chalice" bequeathed.

In the same interview Prince Charles also spoke of his fears for son of man Prince Harry, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, his country. "If you're a parent or relative and that person under incredibly dangerous, demanding circumstances is gone, I know that you worry all the time about worries. Of course I'm worried about every night. He loves what he does and he is brilliant here.


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