Pamela Anderson is as crisp as ever

pamela anderson 2013

Super blonde Pamela Anderson was made famous in the '90s as a busty girls. Since some time has passed but the ravages of time does not seem to eat away at the Baywatch beauty. On the contrary. The Sun she said now that she is so trained as never before. 

Pam, who is currently taking part in the TV show "Dancing On Ice" had to push for the ice skating show a lot of sports and now manifests itself in a crisp body.

"I was in my life has never been in great shape. I have legs ... with muscles! "Said the model with the famous curves. "I came out of the shower and saw my butt and thought: 'Wow, wait a minute'" Even if they do not train for television, she was moving a lot. Even if they shun gyms, they pay attention to sufficient physical activity. "I swim in the sea, go surfing and walk with my dogs. I like physical things. That's why I loved Baywatch - the combination of swim and run. "


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