Kim Kardashian: Little love holiday in Paris

kim kardashian and kanye west in paris

Midst of turbulence to their baby news treated them Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a time off from Hollywood and flew to the city of love. But of course the two are currently in Paris, one of the most exciting topics and were often detected by the paparazzi quickly. Thus, the prospective parents were then photographed as a couple, they were out: Kim hid her growing baby bump in black, more clothes, while Kanye casually gray and black combined with brown.

And if you as a millionaire celebrity who has just indulged in a new luxury home, vacationing in Paris, of course, making a long shopping trip to include mandatory. And since Kim and Kanye are flavorful agree and love the label Lanvin, there was obviously a lot of money spent. Then were a little detour to Celine and even still, the two fashionistas Stars back richer by some stylish clothes. Of course, such a shopping marathon makes you hungry, so Kim and Kanye are then a delicious dinner at L'Avenue splurged.

Because it could be the soon-yes parents go really really well. Of course they have plenty of reason to celebrate and wanted the safe times to do without large following and only two.


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