Hot Body: Jennifer Love Hewitt looks great

Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini

If someone is a looker, then probably clear Jennifer Love Hewitt (33). The actress, who fought a long time against their extra pounds, decreased a lot and now includes a new body feeling even more confident occurs, has now dared to pose in lingerie or swimwear in on the cover of Shape magazine.

Jennifer braces his arms in her waist, smiling friendly and proves all the critics that she looks fabulous. Your character makes other women pale with envy, because Jennifer is really not an ounce too much. Especially her belly and arms are nicely toned and defined. In comparison, a few years ago showed up pictures of brunette beauty, which she showed at the beach in a very unfavorable pose. Today, Jennifer says, "I was then not at all for the sport and I was really unhealthy diet Then I realized that I need to work on me again."

And it worked pretty well, as you can now see easily. In addition to a strict diet, Jennifer still makes a combination of yoga and dance, which was intended effect. "I have also tried boxing and this has helped me a lot. When in life sometimes have to go through difficult times, this is a really good therapy." Jennifer is happy with her current appearance, in any event, because flaws we can not for the life find her.

Kim Kardashian knows the sex of her baby

kanye west and kim kardashian

This baby is being eagerly awaited and is born into one of the richest family in Hollywood. For Kim Kardashian (32) and Kanye West (35) are currently considered THE Celebrity dream couple par excellence, are present everywhere and together worth millions.

Understood that with their popularity, the curiosity about the young immeasurably increases. And the tension still stir up a bit, is now reported in the U.S., the parents know the sex of the baby, but unfortunately it will not share with the public. Together with their closest friends, mother Kris Jenner (57) and sister Khloe Kardashian (28), the parents-to-be now visited Kim's doctor there and seen on the ultrasound gender.

"Kanye wants to have a boy who would be happy but also a daughter. Basically it is the same to him," an insider is quoted on Showbizspy. "Kim wants a girl of course, but so far we can only speculate." Amidst the baby preparations, but the two have still time to get a new home thoughts, because for the next generation finally everything should be perfect.

Whether Kim and Kanye might still betray us, whether they're having a boy or a girl, is still in its stars. Want to but that would be in any case.

Justin Bieber spent $ 10,000 for Fast Food

justin-bieber at bar

Money makes the world go round, it has also realized Justin Bieber (18) and he seems to spend his millions in handfuls. Big cars, expensive clothes and large villas he can with his young age to call his own. And even with Biebs is the fast food excursion a true luxury trip. He bought snack food for the handsome $ 10,000.

He suggested, however it is of course not alone full stomach, but also supplied other. When he appeared this week on Saturday Night Live he got while filming an enormous appetite. Without further ado he ordered for himself and his crew, chicken stay and Co. at a Chinese restaurant. And even the fans who were waiting outside for their idol, were supplied.

The freezing Belieber got pizza delivered and could not believe their luck. A fine train, the young superstar spends his money without batting an eyelash for its environment and its fans.

Slip! Miley Cyrus can again look deep

Miley Cyrus Boob

As part of New York Fashion Week was Miley Cyrus look (20) deep. When posing for the photographers and the fans actually sat still everything where it cheeky Miley Cyrus had sat unpacked. The red jumpsuit and the beloved leather jacket wrapped her slim figure and that's a downright in case Miley who loves tight outfits, a rather rare sight.

In the crowd of enthusiastic supporters but then it came as it had to: the sexy neckline slipped south and Miley Cyrus revealed again a little patch of breast, what these days among the U.S. stars but yes heard almost de rigueur.

The American press is celebrating the mini view of the Miley-bust in numerous articles. In a quiet moment, the Stöfflein but then put back into the correct position and on it went with the fashion week tour of New York City.

Always on Miley page: Mama Tish that it is certainly nice if the world is more focused on the new album as her daughter on the show flashing side boob.

Joey Heindle is to blame for his failure?

Joey Heindle

This confession came as a surprise to many: Jungle King Joey Heindle (19) has not a cent more in the bank is dependent on financial support of his girlfriend and puts the blame on others already.

After his victory at "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here" earlier this year but everything still seemed so rosy. In his private life, things went well and professionally, it seemed again to go forward - even a new song took on the former American Idol contestant. But now the turn, especially for the various contracts entered into dubious and managers are responsible, so Joey himself.

On the subject To combat money vultures now proceed, Joey has even consulted a lawyer, who will judge all. But why is it really that suddenly all that money is gone? Is his current fame really alone to blame for the misery or even Joey has also contributed somewhat to this predicament?

Was he to be trusted, he has lived beyond its means, or just plain wrong calculated? Discussed with and tell us your opinion on the subject.

HSC routine 2013 Bangladesh -

HSC routine 2013 Bangladesh |  HSC exam routine 2013 will be published at Bangladesh education board and our website very soon. HSC full meaning Higher Secondary School Certificate and it is a public examination in Bangladesh.

Last year, Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations had started at 1st April under 10 education board. Most probably in this year HSC exam 2013 will be start on First week of April 2013.

HSC exam routine 2013 will be published on February 2013, said a spokesman.  Last year 78.67 percent had passed the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations and total 61,162 students got GPA-5. Sylhet board had the highest passing rate of 85.37 percent in 2012.

Download HSC Exam Routine 2013

HSC Routine 2013 Dhaka Board

HSC Routine 2013 Rajshahi Board

HSC Routine 2013 Comilla Board

HSC Routine 2013 Jessore Board

HSC Routine 2013 Chittagong Board

HSC Routine 2013 Barisal Board

HSC Routine 2013 Sylhet Board

HSC Routine 2013 Dinajpur Board

Dakhil Routine 2013 Madrasah Board

HSC Routine 2013 Technical education board

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Bert Wollersheim: Finally back in the brothel!

2012, it was the life of the self-proclaimed king-unionism Bert Wollersheim (61) to quite turbulent. After a brothel raid the brothel owners had to spend several weeks in the slammer after him, among other organized crime, extortion and drug-related crime was charged. Then Bert had to fight even with health problems after bypass surgery, once he let it go slow, but it seems that he is now fully recovered, because he's back! Bert is back in the brothel!

He is now working as a consultant, according the new operating company and already feels like home again in his beloved red light district. "I kept the house for 30 years. Have the eye for it, must lie where a carpet, which must be ordered champagne. And intuition, how to throw a hot party. This experience I here now available again. "

Of the evening until the early morning hours Bert is now back where he feels most comfortable, and his wife Sophia (25) is happy that her lover has again gained a foothold. "With the great re-opening party for regulars was here a few days ago all hell broke loose. And they gave us a vote of confidence. It was a pleasure. "


Heidi Montag: Late remorse about their OP openness

Heidi Montag 2013
Yes, if the celebrities move into the Big Brother house, then the truths come to light. In a homelike atmosphere surrounded by cameras they spill the beans and reveal their innermost feelings.

Heidi currently sets Monday from such a "confession" in the celebrity edition of the total surveillance. They have in common with her husband Spencer Pratt pulled (29) in the same container and excited with her sexy appearance tempers.

In a skimpy bikini she dabbles in the private pool and speaks quite openly about her past surgery. "I wish I had never talked about it, and keep it all for me," she admits. Because: "I ​​never thought that I would stay the woman was operating for the rest of my life. I spoke honestly about what I can do. I wanted to be a liar, but now all this comes back to me in a negative way." Proud 10 operations behind Heidi, with whom she began at a young age. Once when she started it, she was in his own words is not enough and wanted more and more.

The praise of the other candidates, and The X-Factor participant Rylan Clarke "I think you look fantastic in" Heidi would then but have yet cheered again.


Candice Swanepoel: Hot Popo photo as a thank you

candice swanepoel ass bikini
Candice Swanepoel

As her Twitter followers are the Victoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel (24) but are extremely grateful. Which is now a picture of her chocolate page posted. In skimpy bikini catwalk beauty presents itself and shows us her amazing curves.

No wonder that it is, thanks to the curves of the top ten best-paid models. By itself, the photo taken pretty Candice thanks for the sexy two-piece: "Thanks to 'Frankie' Bikinis' for the gift. I love the tribal patterns. # bikinidestages "Not the first time that the beauty shares her considerable downside with their followers.

Currently, the model holds up in Brazil, and from there came to her friend, the male model Hermann Nicoli. With him, she is in a relationship for six years. Intended mighty proud of his pretty girlfriend, who would it also not at that sight? In any sexy angel just put a little devil that we Candice has proved with this photo again.


Beyoncé: The hottest woman of the century

Beyonce Knowles magazine GQ

SHE is the hottest woman of the century: R & B singer Beyoncé Knowles (31)! This title, brings about not only her sexy look.

The men's magazine "GQ" Beyoncé has named the " hottest Woman of the 21st Century", emphasizing that this is not just about her looks, but also their power and their status as a role model.

On the cover of the February issue shows the wife of rapper Jay-Z, one year after the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy in skimpy panties and toned abdominal muscles. What a sexy body comeback!

The celebrity portal "TMZ" speculation already has an image post. But that's in large daily newspapers and in no way diminishes Beyoncé Hammer broadcasting.

Beyonce Knowles hottest woman

Beyoncé Knowles Hot

16 Grammys, 75 million albums sold and 50-million advertising deal with Pepsi. Beyoncé may sometimes not even believe how far she has managed.

"I've worked my whole childhood on so hard to achieve this one goal: At 30 I wanted to have managed to do and can do what I want," said the superstar in "GQ" interview. "I've sacrificed a lot for it, worked harder than many can imagine."

For all Beyoncé fans there is next to the beautiful GQ cover also another reason to be happy: After years of pause, she again makes music with "Destiny's Child", the group has made them famous.

"I'm so proud that I announce the first own Destiny's Child song in eight years can," she wrote on her website. The new song is titled "Nuclear" and is part of the album "Love Songs", at the 29th January appears.

Hot beyonce knowles nude

Sexiest Woman of the 21st Century


Britney Spears and ex-manager to solve Engagement

Britney Spears 2013

Pop star Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have broken their engagement. The couple was together since 2009. Earlier, the singer had announced its withdrawal from the show "X Factor".

Britney Spears is no longer sitting at the upcoming issue of U.S. TV talent show to the jury. That the U.S. gossip site TMZ reported on its website, citing insider sources.

From Love for Britney Spears (31) and Jason Trawick (41): "Jason and I have decided to cancel our engagement," the singer told the celebrity portal "".

But they wanted to remain friends, both emphasized. "I love and adore her and her boys, and we will always be close," added Trawick added in a statement. A year ago, the pop star was engaged to his ex-manager. The couple was together since 2009.

Get off at "The X Factor"

Spears had announced even career changes. They had brought herself to the "difficult decision" to hang her job as a judge on the U.S. TV talent show "The X Factor" to the nail, said the singer.
For weeks, U.S. media had speculated on their possible withdrawal. She wanted to return to their own recordings back into the studio, citing the "Los Angeles Times" from the release of the singer.


Extremely slim: Mariah Carey's "new" black

mariah carey bikini

Mariah Carey is not only known for her phenomenal voice, but also for the one or the other Zinckier and her constant weight fluctuations. Not infrequently they caught in tight dresses the attention of the paparazzi and, against her buxom form.

Since the birth of her twins Monroe and Moroccan sweet (1) to Mariah but strong flat out and lost visible in scope. How extreme they were sweating in the gym for her new figure, must now show a snapshot, which she published on Twitter. We get to see the singer, who poses in front of a beautiful backdrop. Behind it you can see the blue waves run high, in front of her spread white sand. Mariah's only wearing a short denim skirt and a bikini top. Hands in his pockets she smiles her husband Nick Cannon (32), who is also the photographer of the picture, too. Currently, the family is in Australia and enjoys the peace between Mariah's appearances.

Very slim and top form shows twice Mama and is clearly proud of her body. Completely to right, for so trained and well-formed, we have not seen in a long time Mariah. It's great that she has shown so much discipline.

Kim Kardashian: Little love holiday in Paris

kim kardashian and kanye west in paris

Midst of turbulence to their baby news treated them Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a time off from Hollywood and flew to the city of love. But of course the two are currently in Paris, one of the most exciting topics and were often detected by the paparazzi quickly. Thus, the prospective parents were then photographed as a couple, they were out: Kim hid her growing baby bump in black, more clothes, while Kanye casually gray and black combined with brown.

And if you as a millionaire celebrity who has just indulged in a new luxury home, vacationing in Paris, of course, making a long shopping trip to include mandatory. And since Kim and Kanye are flavorful agree and love the label Lanvin, there was obviously a lot of money spent. Then were a little detour to Celine and even still, the two fashionistas Stars back richer by some stylish clothes. Of course, such a shopping marathon makes you hungry, so Kim and Kanye are then a delicious dinner at L'Avenue splurged.

Because it could be the soon-yes parents go really really well. Of course they have plenty of reason to celebrate and wanted the safe times to do without large following and only two.

Bye bye! Megan Fox deletes her Twitter account

As had Megan Fox made ​​as much for the New Year and then this: After just one week at the microblogging service Twitter, it has thrown in the towel and deleted her account again. A few days ago, one could read that the actress with the social network is not quite hot, "5 days at Twitter, and I realize now the # wasistderpunkt purpose?"

Within a week the Transformers beauty managed to over 250,000 followers, but even that could not deter the account deletion. Presumably it was tired of the actress also that on their side constantly "RIP Megan Fox" was posted. Not very nice when you have to read such "death messages" again and again.

However, Megan has not withdrawn completely from the social networks. About Facebook keeps her fans are still up to date: "Some of you may or may not have noticed that my Twitter account was deleted ... I thought that in 2013, the year in which I finally developing a socially networked butterfly ... but as it turned out, I hate it still. I love you, but I will never as a girl. Facebook is all I can handle. I'm sorry! "

The new mom is probably just different priorities.

Justin Bieber New tattoo of his grandfather

Justin Bieber  tattoo grandfather

Justin Bieber New tattoo: The Instagram account of Justin Bieber can now already be treated with a tattoo gallery. Sometimes it almost seems as if he renne immediately for tattooists, hardly that the previous little picture has healed. His latest piece is an Indian head on the shoulder blade.

What lies behind the well there is a significant motive? The "Baby" singer pays homage lest Indian roots, but with his family it has to do something anyway. With the tattoo he has his beloved grandfather put an everlasting memory. "My grandfather always took me on Friday night at the Stratford Cullitons. That's for you, Grandpa, "he explained in the commentary to the photo of his back on the Internet.

The head of the Indian with the stately plumes is based on the logo of the Canadian hockey team. He settled the black and white motif way from the famous tattoo artist Chente stand in Los Angeles. How long it will wait probably until the next Pic happen?

Justin Bieber New tattoo

Justin Bieber New tattoo 2013


Harry Styles & Taylor Swift separation rumors

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were sooooooooo in love ... but yes, the big spring fever again gone with the wind? Separation rumors doing the rounds, let the pink dreams burst like a soap bubble.

After the New Year, the two jetted to the love holiday on the third largest of the British Virgin Islands - Virgin Corda. It all could have been so beautiful! It was also the beginning, when the couple was photographed even with other holidaymakers.

At 04th January Swift suddenly left the paradise to break back in the States. It is said that the two squared off in a heated argument, which should put an end to the brief relationship.

Harry Styles then took on an invitation of billionaire Sir Richard Branson to work with him and other people jump on his private island, Necker Iceland in the pool.

Later he went solo back to Virgin Gorda to work but without overly bent. The night before, he had partied a lot and definitely enjoyed the time.

As for Taylor Swift ... she tweeted on Saturday, a mysterious message: "... 'til you put me down." It looked like the New Year's Eve yet everything harmoniously so...

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift separation


Kate Middleton pregnant: Prince Charles wants his grandchildren a better world

Kate Middleton pregnant

Kate Middleton is pregnant and also particularly pleased her father Prince Charles (64). He wishes nothing more than a perfect world for his unborn grandchildren.

In a British morning show said Charles, "I'm talking for years about the importance of long-term thinking in terms of environmental degradation, climate change and everything else. We want to - in a rational world - our grandchildren do not pass any disturbed world, to give to the real problem. "

Next said HRH, "I do not want to be confronted by my future grandchildren and listen to me, 'Why did you do anything?'"

It was for him now even more clear that we must act and to future generations is not completely "poisoned chalice" bequeathed.

In the same interview Prince Charles also spoke of his fears for son of man Prince Harry, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, his country. "If you're a parent or relative and that person under incredibly dangerous, demanding circumstances is gone, I know that you worry all the time about worries. Of course I'm worried about every night. He loves what he does and he is brilliant here.

Pamela Anderson is as crisp as ever

pamela anderson 2013

Super blonde Pamela Anderson was made famous in the '90s as a busty girls. Since some time has passed but the ravages of time does not seem to eat away at the Baywatch beauty. On the contrary. The Sun she said now that she is so trained as never before. 

Pam, who is currently taking part in the TV show "Dancing On Ice" had to push for the ice skating show a lot of sports and now manifests itself in a crisp body.

"I was in my life has never been in great shape. I have legs ... with muscles! "Said the model with the famous curves. "I came out of the shower and saw my butt and thought: 'Wow, wait a minute'" Even if they do not train for television, she was moving a lot. Even if they shun gyms, they pay attention to sufficient physical activity. "I swim in the sea, go surfing and walk with my dogs. I like physical things. That's why I loved Baywatch - the combination of swim and run. "

Brad Pitt arrived back in China?

Brad Pitt is now a member of the Chinese Variente of Facebook. "Sina Weibo" is the name of the social network, in which he has created a profile. He is seen as anything but gladly, especially when the Communist government.

1997 Pitt turned the critical film "Seven Years in Tibet", as Result fact he no longer allowed to enter the country. So it is quite remarkable what he told the first message to the Chinese.

"It's the truth. Yep, I "am, the Hollywood star said on Monday. Whether he actually believes his return? A spokesman declined to comment on now is not the plans.

But its popularity, it seems Brad Pitt in China to be no shortage. The account of the six-time dad is already more than 100,000 followers. Not bad, but if that can sway the Supreme Ruler of the vast empire?

Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen & Psy: Huge New Year's Eve party in New York

Perhaps the biggest New Year's Eve party in the world took place last night in New York. In Times Square, hundreds of thousands of people gathered, to celebrate the New Year for 2012/2013. Some of them have secured their places in the morning to get the slightest chance to see anything.

It focused this time not only the 5386 kg heavy crystal ball. Every year at 31.12 clock is lowered at 23:59, but in addition, the high-profile music stars who were on stage.

Taylor Swift performed her hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "I Knew You Were Trouble". Then they knutschte with her boyband boyfriend Harry Styles in the new year before they retired to their hotel.

The Canadian newcomer Carly Rae Jepsen sang her smash hit "Call Me Maybe" and the current single "This Kiss." This song was also covered by young singer Tiffany Alvord, who was also New Year's Eve on the stage.

A very special appearance it must have been for the South Korean rapper Psy, who allegedly danced for the last time his "Gangnam Style". He wants to focus on new music and is apparently even a bit annoyed by the hype that made him richer by a few million.

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