Bye bye! Megan Fox deletes her Twitter account

As had Megan Fox made ​​as much for the New Year and then this: After just one week at the microblogging service Twitter, it has thrown in the towel and deleted her account again. A few days ago, one could read that the actress with the social network is not quite hot, "5 days at Twitter, and I realize now the # wasistderpunkt purpose?"

Within a week the Transformers beauty managed to over 250,000 followers, but even that could not deter the account deletion. Presumably it was tired of the actress also that on their side constantly "RIP Megan Fox" was posted. Not very nice when you have to read such "death messages" again and again.

However, Megan has not withdrawn completely from the social networks. About Facebook keeps her fans are still up to date: "Some of you may or may not have noticed that my Twitter account was deleted ... I thought that in 2013, the year in which I finally developing a socially networked butterfly ... but as it turned out, I hate it still. I love you, but I will never as a girl. Facebook is all I can handle. I'm sorry! "

The new mom is probably just different priorities.


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