Obama's Mother naked picture leaked

U.S President Barack Obama's mother naked pictures leaked and its flood on net. Obama's Mother uncovered Photos had taken by Frank Marshall Davis. Within the French blog, Sérum de Liberté has bare some apparent pictures of Obama's white mother nude.

The photos are nice-looking and the lady has a nice figure in the photos. She not looks as shame in the photos.

Barack Obama's mothers Ann Dunham naked picture are all over the U.S via internet. Frank Marshall Davis was a writer, amateur Photographer and journalist.
Many people thinks that Mitt Romney's supporter published Obama's mother naked pictures. And these photos are going to be a nasty result on the U.S President election. Mitt Romney's winning chance terribly poor for this reason he create a tricks that Barack Obama's mother as pornography star.

The pictures were making public along with a DVD - which SLANDERS the President in all different ways. The DVD which is FULL OF LIES, alleged that Obama's mother Ann Dunham was lying about who Obama's real dad was.
U.S President Obama has not up till now takes any serious step but just only said that these pictures are fake.


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