Selena Gomez in a bikini at the pool - but WITHOUT "fuller figure"

Selena Gomez in beach

There are women who are actually fat but there are also women like Selena Gomez, which have a completely normal, great body. Unfortunately, there are people that the ideal of beauty on par with Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Nicky Hilton settle ... so thin as a spindle.

A few days ago Selena Gomez was sunning herself at a hotel pool in Miami. Sexy in a bikini, she enjoyed the days off with her friends but without her sweetheart Justin Bieber.

Now the point of what we really want out - the page "x17online" headlined this early in the week, "Selena Gomez presents her fuller figure at the pool in Florida for show".

Are probably some basic items on which (as with any normal people too) skin folds gently together. If one is lifted in the places it works not as good but there are also young women who starve her neither to a minimum, even under the knife.

To love in this headline came naturally not so complaining fans of the singer on Twitter, or "If Selena Gomez is fat, then I have a house on legs to be." "Damn, I want to be fat, so I got her body "can we have a still." If she's fat, I'm a whale. "

So again, for the record - Selena is just a normal young girl, with a great figure.


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