Bella Thorne is in love with dog Kingston

Bella Thorne has a new one on her side! But her boyfriend Tristan Klier need not worry about her relationship as it is a four-legged furballs.

He gave her a sweet dog named Kingston. The little boy was able to win the heart of his new owner in the storm.

It can no longer by her side, with the result that he is constantly presenting at Twitter and Mobli an audience of millions.

End of August, the proud owner wrote on Twitter. "Meet Kingston ... a gift from @ tristan_klier89" A really great gift, while Bella Thorne celebrates but only on 8 October 15 their Birthday!

Even if the couple is allowed to go on the bike with Kingston. The bike basket at Bellas pink Hello Kitty bike is just right for her, she also offers comfortable and full of the best views!


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