Christina Aguilera as a murderer in "Your Body" Music Video

Christina Aguilera has released her brand new music video for the single "Your Body"! And in the clip, it's really bad to the point because the pop star takes on the role of a true Bad Girls; with the stronger sex has anything but good intentions.

It is used to cold but colorful murderer and kills rows from strange men. The first types chasing them in the car in the air, she kills another in a toilet. Another down his life in a baseball bat attack and it flies a lot of red glitter confetti around the room.

Bloodless one can probably do not commit murder and so should the clip be a censorship of protection of young people escaped. At the beginning of the music video are also equal to note that NO men came when filming damage. Thank God!

Melina Matsoukas directed "Your Body" which was shot in Los Angeles in late August. The song is the first single from the new album "Lotus" which comes in November in the trade. For it represents the plate a kind of rebirth, she revealed in a recent interview. Whether its the reboot is successful.

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