Sexy curves show: Leo girlfriend Erin Heatherton!

Clearly: Erin Heatherton holds her diet tips for a fabulous bikini figure also strictly self. The fact proves the pictures taken during her recent modeling job, clearly.

Leonardo DiCaprio stood sexy girlfriend - or rather lolled - now just again for Victoria's Secret in Miami before the camera and showed off her enviable figure in various bikinis. The various poses, threw herself into the blonde put her gorgeous curves to flaunt wonderful - no wonder that the lingerie empire wanted to take Erin necessarily in the ranks of her hot angel.

The 23-year-old seemed to like her job and really good: Enjoy Risch she completed during pool pictures his eyes and let the camera take stunning shots from her.

During breaks allowed - of course in a bikini - be a little laid back and bathed in sun. Quick was the pool-edge on the couch taking a nap kept. But even then Erin still looked so hot and sexy that we just can only say "wow". Leonardo is really to envy his sweet girlfriend.


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