Dita Von Teese naked in shower on stage

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese naked show on the stage at night. DITA Von Teese cleans up her act as she showers on stage in her Burlesque show.

At the 40 years old end of the month DITA Von Teese proved that she still live up to her name as she splashed about naked, except for a thong and boobs nipple tassels.

Guests at the Arts Club in London sipped cocktails dubbed Margaritas as the dancer slowly stripped on stage.

She start her routine in a lace dress then took off the skirt to expose her amazing curves in a black and cream corset and stockings. Dita Von Teese naked as playboy she need at 40.

After removing those she briefly held on to her modesty with the help of black faux fur before perching on the side of a black bath and turning on the shower head for a soaking.

Then the raven-haired beauty, in town to launch a classic deigns called sank into the tub and comprehensive a teasing leg.

Dita Von Teese posing on a table - with an unusual amount of clothing for her taste. For the day or even for their appearances, the 37-year-old chooses her outfit otherwise made ​​very clear criteria for "lingerie in the right size."

The burlesque icon in front of a golden glittering bathtub in Paris. Because her body is her capital, it must be the burlesque dancer keep in shape: They do so Dita Von Teese, including Pilates, yoga and ballet. Never just one of those sports that always changing. This was "the key to a successful workout program."

Fair game Released, Dita Von Teese - including high heels and cowboy hat - in one of her performances in Sydney 2007.

Precious stripper Dita Von Teese in London in September 2008. I buy only good quality bras that fit me perfectly and accentuate my figure - includes matching thong, says Dita Von Teese.

Dita Von Teese Wonderbra at a party in London in autumn 2009.

In one of her performances in February 2010 in Sanremo: "OK" to the English magazine, the American told now that she wears at night when she sleeps. "I wear in bed either a small slip with lace or nothing. I love to sleep naked in very fine sheets."

Dita Von Teese in a large oversized champagne glass in February 2010: With her ​​boyfriend she lives in Paris, where she is currently working at the legendary strip club "Crazy Horse".


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