Flo Rida owns security system is too expensive?

Flo Rida
That Flo Rida is a pretty edge at 32 years old, he seems to have quite a lot of concern for his own safety. According to TMZ, the "Wild Ones" has let singer in 2009 to install an expensive security system which is intended to shield his home in Miami which could harm the successful singer.

Numerous sensors, smoke detectors and a minimum of 27 cameras should have been installed on the premises of Flo Rida. Proud costs $ 58,000, the whole system.

Just stupid that the rapper has no desire to pay for it all. Flo Rida the entire system is too expensive? The company which now complains had originally received a down payment of just under $ 20,000 and a signed contract by Lee Prince, who is probably the manager of Flo Rida.

The nearly $ 40,000 which were still pending and now will never complained - not a new experience for the singer. About $ 47,000 with fees and interest it is to pay now.
But Flo Rida refuses totally stubborn. He had to buy the whole system never was personally commissioned, says the singer. Which side gets right now, the court will decide.



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