Selena Gomez 2012: "I love my family"

Selena Gomez

In 2012 Selena Gomez said "I love my family". The sweet Selena Gomez was in the show from Jimmy Kimmel to talk about her new movie "Hotel Transylvania". Before she came to the studio, was a short clip from the film shown and it was noted that her character does not have a cool accent as her father Adam Sandler film.

The reason is that Selena just did not get over! "I was very bad at it. I wanted to have a cool accent, but they said 'Use the best your own voice.' "

While Mavis is 118 and finally wants to be independent, Selena still lives with her parents. But why? "I love my family. I'm not ready for it. I became the 20 I love to be home and to feel safe. "

But is not the idea that her mother Mandy takes care of the laundry of her famous daughter. Because that would not work. "You would shrink everything."

Selena also talks about her relationship with Justin Bieber and that he will never be disguised, if they have a date. Finally, he wants to show everyone that he is "Swag" has.

Her new movie "Spring Breakers" is the theme. In the film must Sel a bong smoke and did not know before how this works. But luckily it was able to help her colleagues there. But for the actress that was just terrible. Because she smoked grass. Real grass from the garden and paper and it tasted horrible.

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