In Super Talent Michelle was accident as dramatic

Michelle Hunziker
In the last Super Talent show the accident of Michelle Hunziker was already announced large but showed the dramatic incident was not until today. Michelle Hunziker is the hottest actress of Swiss-Italian television. Initially powerhouse René Richter from the Czech Republic still boasted that he had a "stronger jaw than an alligator," but at the end of his performance he should then leave the stage a little more subdued.
First, he showed some more of his funny side because of Gottschalks two-euro coin he makes twice a euro by having his teeth pressed the inner piece of the coin.
Then he let a girl swirl from the audience on a swing, which he recorded with his teeth, through the air and blocked subsequently with his biters a drill so that they turn could not and instead smoke began to after two beer cans to chew with your mouth. Probably René had it spent too much because what happened next RTL titled as the "horror crash".
Michelle is after his performance could not quite bring them to the powerhouse right back with a 'yes', he wanted to perform with her again the trick with the swing: "After this point you will say 'Yes'!"
As if Michelle had already suspected as bad, she said: "I have a daughter too, please pass on!" And declared in Einspieler RTL: "You always think, nothing can happen on TV but it is not always so. But the adrenaline makes you. "
And then the accident was already underway and had Michelle Réne fall to the ground. Although she joked shortly afterwards: "It's okay, I'm fine. All right, it's really no problem. That will be "cut off but she was not really good and so was Réne a 'no' from her. Because the two men on the jury, but it could continue, there will soon be reunited with the Czechs, the accident was visibly uncomfortable.
Michelle who was killed in the fall on her tailbone but had to be known later taken to the hospital because of severe pain. But even with her there next Saturday surely see you again!


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