Beyonce & Kim Kardashian are actually the best of friends?

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian
They are Beyonce Knowles and KimKardashian archenemies or is it all just a figment of the tabloid press (both 31)? If you believe the sources of the online portal "TMZ", then it is more likely the latter case.

This followed an alleged incident at Jay-Z's "Made in America" ​​event in Philadelphia. There should be Bey went after Kim and have advised her to let the poses for the cameras, not to her hubby to steal the show. Because a document was a camera crew on site.

In addition, Kim has addressed the local director Ron Howard to cast it for one of his films which is said to have pissed off the singer even more.

But all this is supposed to happen at all - quite the contrary. They should have looked at the backstage entrance of Jay and Kanye West and have a good time here together.

"They love each other," says a source. "They talk all the time about fashion, family and Beyoncé's Baby."
Another source told Us Magazine said, "This report is absurd. Beyoncé loves Kim and there is absolutely no dispute. "


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