Pink's daughter (1) is allowed to play with the iPhone

In 32 years Pink is mother of a young daughter and her life has suddenly changed. The rock singer Pink provoked still happy on stage and saw there a few days ago for a butt scandal in the presence of small Willow (1) is the 32-year-old but otherwise really very responsible.
But how many prominent mothers also spoils the singer her cute little daughter love to do. Since it may have happen is that instead of a fluffy teddy bear Willow an iPhone 5 gets to play. This happened last week Wednesday, as Pink and her child was leaving a restaurant in New York's Upper East Side. Willow was on the arm of her mom and looked very focused as she held the phone between her white hands.
Not even the lurking paparazzi could take the girl out of the rest. Pink obviously knows how to Willow brings best to rest when, thanks to their presence once again under emergency rule in the streets. And we are sure that Willow can expect it probably hardly to her mother the iPhone 5 to play there...


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