Kanye West had sex with Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian and Kanye west
No matter how dubious her glory, now Kim Kardashian is valid not only in America as an absolute superstar. While a few years ago she was an appendage of Paris Hilton (31), it is now with its many TV formats now long since been in the media focus. Sustainable in the headlines but they came originally from her spicy sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J (31).
That their current lover Kanye West (35) with this erotic past his girlfriend no problem, he was just putting in his new song proved, in which he raps about the porn images. Well it turned out that he actually meant to be a true fan of the strip - and even before the two were a couple.
A source tells TMZ has now revealed that Kanye should have used the movies to come in the bedroom with other women in the mood. Kanye reportedly have long found favor at the curvy brunettes. Now he has the DVD but probably no more rummaging - he can now, the original version in person with them to the springs.


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