Miley Cyrus encourages young voters for Rock the Vote

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is for young people are an absolute idol. That is why it's great that her voice profitable for many charitable projects into play.

Currently she entered service for the American non-profit organization "Rock the Vote", particularly the young people want to animate gear to the polls. The presidential election is coming up and everyone should take it as their right to choose to complete.

A laudable thing, even if the neutrality of RTV has been questioned more often.

On several images from a promotional shoot for the campaign you see Miley Cyrus a good mood, etc. with director Adam Shankman and comedian Kathy Griffin.

Whether it up it to 06 can retune November more people will show up for the Select.

For Miley, it is the way to its first ballot box, because as here in Germany can also choose in the United States over 18 years.


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