Google CEO arrested in Brazil for YouTube anger

Brazil was arrested Google CEO arrested for a controversial videos on the Internet platform YouTube. Google CEO Fabio José Silva Coelho arrested (local time) on Wednesday in São Paulo, The police said.

The top executives of the Internet search provider but will released again, after he had signed a letter of undertaking to appear before the judicial authorities.

Google had refused, despite court order to remove a questionable choice video from the YouTube site, where a local politician attacked furiously. According to an election court violated the privacy rights of the video politician Alcides Bernal, the 7th in the local elections on October is a promising candidate for the office of mayor of Campo Grande.

Google had argued that the company was not responsible for the content, which can be adjusted on YouTube. The video in question the candidates in lurid presentation accused among other things, he wanted to push for 1996, a lover of a criminal abortion in Brazil. In addition, he is said to have beaten his young son in a drunken state.


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