Again! Rihanna has a new tattoo

Well, what do we see there? Singer Rihanna has obviously! Still not enough of their permanent body embellishments because now it was in London again for tattoo artists although already adorn many little pictures and writings of the Barbadian beauty's body, but it had a more comfortable now but her.

Together with her best friend Melissa Ford, who is also her personal assistant and public-Kumpanin to RiRi made ​​her way to the tattoo parlor and had apparently tattooed on the right side below the chest. 

Latest images on the singer were in fact a comfortable, midriff sweater, revealing flashes of leaving a freshly bandaged tattoo. What exactly is Rihanna there probably was immortalized on their body is not clear but alone they had the pain does not take at least of it, as well as Melissa could be a tattoo and probably without knowing beforehand exactly how it will look after.

"Only @ Rihanna my blindfold and take me to me to have a tattoo, I can see only when it is finished # trustlikenoother" tweeted Melissa, whereupon Rihanna promptly replied: "How is this done with true friends # capturingmoments. "Pretty brave of Melissa, right? Anyway, we are eager to know when Rihanna's new tattoo will appear and whether it is probably around the same motif as in Melissa. 

Besides these tattos Rihanna's has some Hot tattos. When she take or design a tatto then she think different from other. Let see the Rihanna tattoo shoulder.

 Here is the another Tattoos of Rihanna.


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