Justin Bieber iPhone 5 love more than other phone

iphone 5 justin bieber

Justin Bieber iPhone 5 love more than other phone. Justin Bieber is the one of the most successful teens in the world but also in the heart just a little boy. And what little boys want? Play. He is totally in love with his new iphone...

The 18-year-old Justin multi-millionaire but has not bought any new toy but just the brand new iPhone 5 which did not come until later this week in the trade. With iPhone 5 Justin Bieber plays day and night.
justin bieber new iphone 5

Before the Apple store there were long queues. Whether Justin also had to do it, may be doubted. Also that it the high price of the device would have deterred in any way, you need not to be expected.

Accordingly happy Bieber tested also been busy off the integrated camera phone. Singer invited as high a mountain of new images. In one picture you can see his arm next to the box of the device, probably originated shortly after unpacking. Befitting the wrist also shines a golden clock.
justin bieber iphone 5

Another picture shows Justin as he is in mirror photographed. He wrote, "All black, except my phone and everything else in the picture that is not black."

Then you see him still at the premiere of the animated film "Hotel Transylvania" which was held yesterday in Los Angeles. There he gave his girlfriend Selena Gomez backing, the family was able to get into the film a voice. She photographed herself unceremoniously with a small mustache - it is!
From 29 September, the Bieber is way back on the road. The last day off so he should still enjoy. It starts in Glendale and then Las Vegas and Los Angeles are in line.


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