Kanye West: Has he raided Kim's jewelry box?

kim kardashian and kanye west

Could be heard even last that the 35-year-old Kanye West prefers itself will clean out the closet of his KimKardashian, so now is the talk that the rapper is said to have served in the jewelry box of his sweetheart.

At least that is the first impression when viewing a created image that you get when you look at the chains and the overall appearance is a reminder.

In a photo from New York, he is shown with a simple gray top, which was probably chosen deliberately to the numerous gold chains that he has thrown around his neck, to emphasize something more.

Typically these are more likely to support scene heavyweights like Rihanna. Nevertheless - Kim accompanied her on the walk and Kanye himself wore a white top, combined with a black leather skirt.


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