Peaches Geldof’s Baby accident


The accident photos of Peaches Geldof shocked and its first four-month-old son Astala yesterday apparently not big question: While it girl happily call on his cell phone at the ear, suddenly tipped the stroller along with baby on the front and the small young rolled helplessly on the sidewalk. Although it is fortunately nothing happened, the violent reaction of the media to the accident photos but can not understand why Peaches.

Shared them with first that the London sidewalks are just too dangerous to justify now progresses on Twitter for the accident: "To be honest, was my wedding day the best day of my life and my son was happy. The resulting photos are beautiful there, and were taken at the same photographer who took pictures on my parents' wedding. I will not let the memories of not ruining determined by embittered tabloid scum, the primitive stories circulated about my mother qualities, just because the London streets are so fucked ", accosted them and then took off even further.

"Went to my baby and doing well, but because I probably one of the last 'celebrities' am, the stroller pushes still himself, and this is not a nanny or assistant (I have neither the one nor the other) do, can I have this mockery is well deserved, although I only stumbled across a massive hole in the sidewalk. Yawn. Awake to grow up. "Whether this behavior Peaches but can stand in a better light?


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