Bert Wollersheim: Finally back in the brothel!

2012, it was the life of the self-proclaimed king-unionism Bert Wollersheim (61) to quite turbulent. After a brothel raid the brothel owners had to spend several weeks in the slammer after him, among other organized crime, extortion and drug-related crime was charged. Then Bert had to fight even with health problems after bypass surgery, once he let it go slow, but it seems that he is now fully recovered, because he's back! Bert is back in the brothel!

He is now working as a consultant, according the new operating company and already feels like home again in his beloved red light district. "I kept the house for 30 years. Have the eye for it, must lie where a carpet, which must be ordered champagne. And intuition, how to throw a hot party. This experience I here now available again. "

Of the evening until the early morning hours Bert is now back where he feels most comfortable, and his wife Sophia (25) is happy that her lover has again gained a foothold. "With the great re-opening party for regulars was here a few days ago all hell broke loose. And they gave us a vote of confidence. It was a pleasure. "


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