Harry Styles & Taylor Swift separation rumors

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were sooooooooo in love ... but yes, the big spring fever again gone with the wind? Separation rumors doing the rounds, let the pink dreams burst like a soap bubble.

After the New Year, the two jetted to the love holiday on the third largest of the British Virgin Islands - Virgin Corda. It all could have been so beautiful! It was also the beginning, when the couple was photographed even with other holidaymakers.

At 04th January Swift suddenly left the paradise to break back in the States. It is said that the two squared off in a heated argument, which should put an end to the brief relationship.

Harry Styles then took on an invitation of billionaire Sir Richard Branson to work with him and other people jump on his private island, Necker Iceland in the pool.

Later he went solo back to Virgin Gorda to work but without overly bent. The night before, he had partied a lot and definitely enjoyed the time.

As for Taylor Swift ... she tweeted on Saturday, a mysterious message: "... 'til you put me down." It looked like the New Year's Eve yet everything harmoniously so...

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift separation


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