Kim Kardashian knows the sex of her baby

kanye west and kim kardashian

This baby is being eagerly awaited and is born into one of the richest family in Hollywood. For Kim Kardashian (32) and Kanye West (35) are currently considered THE Celebrity dream couple par excellence, are present everywhere and together worth millions.

Understood that with their popularity, the curiosity about the young immeasurably increases. And the tension still stir up a bit, is now reported in the U.S., the parents know the sex of the baby, but unfortunately it will not share with the public. Together with their closest friends, mother Kris Jenner (57) and sister Khloe Kardashian (28), the parents-to-be now visited Kim's doctor there and seen on the ultrasound gender.

"Kanye wants to have a boy who would be happy but also a daughter. Basically it is the same to him," an insider is quoted on Showbizspy. "Kim wants a girl of course, but so far we can only speculate." Amidst the baby preparations, but the two have still time to get a new home thoughts, because for the next generation finally everything should be perfect.

Whether Kim and Kanye might still betray us, whether they're having a boy or a girl, is still in its stars. Want to but that would be in any case.


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