Justin Bieber spent $ 10,000 for Fast Food

justin-bieber at bar

Money makes the world go round, it has also realized Justin Bieber (18) and he seems to spend his millions in handfuls. Big cars, expensive clothes and large villas he can with his young age to call his own. And even with Biebs is the fast food excursion a true luxury trip. He bought snack food for the handsome $ 10,000.

He suggested, however it is of course not alone full stomach, but also supplied other. When he appeared this week on Saturday Night Live he got while filming an enormous appetite. Without further ado he ordered for himself and his crew, chicken stay and Co. at a Chinese restaurant. And even the fans who were waiting outside for their idol, were supplied.

The freezing Belieber got pizza delivered and could not believe their luck. A fine train, the young superstar spends his money without batting an eyelash for its environment and its fans.


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