The Sarajevo Film Festival awarded Angelina Jolie

In 1994, The Sarajevo Film Festival started in the besieged city. The last closing ceremony of Sarajevo Film Festival arranged eight-days long, where Angelina Jolie had attended. Angelina Jolie received a award in the Sarajevo Film Festival. She is so happy to receive that award. The award, called “The Heart of Sarajevo” which was handed to Jolie by festival director Miro Purivatra in the Bosnia’s capital.

Last year Jolie visited Bosnia several times as UNHCR representative. At that time her boyfriend Brad Pitt was beside herself and drew attention to the scrape of 117000 people who haven’t able to return to their homes even supposing the Bosnia war ended 16 years ago.

She added she was "so honored to be here".

In the Sarajevo National Theater, she said “I told Brad in the car I was afraid I was going to cry.” When she said this speech, she was tearing. 

In that time, Jolie asked people to "hold judgment until they have seen the film".

“There is no greater example of the strength of artists than a festival that begun during the war and grows stronger every year. I find it remarkable,” she also said.

End of the year, Angelina Jolie worked as a director in some scenes of her first movie - a love story between a Serb man and Bosnian Muslim woman who fall in love and get separated during the war, Bosnia. Next December, the film, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” will be released.

Jolie said “In my career, I have never worked with such disciplined and talented artists.” 

Over eight days, about 100,000 viewers watched over 200 films from more than dozens of countries.


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