Heart Attack is the Monster Killer of U.S. People

Heart attack

Heart is a only pumping machine in our body. Heart pumps our blood. Without heart rhythm we cannot imagine a living human body. Heart attack stops the rhythm of heart. Heart attack or Myocardial Infarction completely destroys the heart muscle. “Myo” called muscle “cardiac” from of heart and “Infraction” means death of cell due to lack of O2    supply.
Heartattack is occurring when coronary artery is block and blood is not transmitting in this artery. That time heart muscle has lack of Oxygen. Heart attack is the monster killer of both male and female in U.S.A. About one million Americans have heart attack in every year.
Heart block

What are the causes of a heart attack

Age: when a male above 50 years and a female above 55 years age, they are threat a heart attack start grow considerably.

Blood cholesterol level: If human body has blood cholesterol levels are high, that is a risk for causing heart attack.

Diabetes:   Diabetes has a dangerous for several diseases.  People of diabetes have a higher risk for Heart attack.

Hypertension (high blood pressure): Hypertension is help to occurring heart attack. 

Previous heart attack: Whose people already had a heart attack is more possible to have one more than other people.

Smoking: Smoking is more toxic for our human body. Smoker a lot much higher risk for heart attack.

Heart surgery: People who had heart surgery he/she is so risky to have a heart attack.


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