A discipline Life Reduce Heart Attack Death…

The women are stronger both physically and mentally whose are eat properly, avoid smoking and exercise regularly. Besides their body structure are also attractive. Yet, a researcher team of U.S.A said, that’s physical conscious is not only helps to make a women beauty and healthy but also said the research that the risk of heart attack. It also said the researcher that, the risk of heart attacks decreases more 92%.

 Stephen cheove, the chief writer of the research paper end professor of women Hospital of Boston said that ”if you lead a discipline life, your risk of heart attack will be minimized.”

It is said the researcher, the women, whose eat much vegetable, fruits, fishes they are safe more than 40% from heart attack. In the other hand, the non-smoker women are 75% risk free from heart attack than the chain smoker women.

Are you conscious about your life..........???


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