Women, cause of each event…..

Each event has a cause, but each cause has a hidden cause that cause is Woman.

There was no man in the world, who can anything without inspiration. But most of the time inspiration can be hidden. In fact, the hidden Inspiration makes a man booming.
We can pointed some examples, these are:

Brooklyn Decker, wife of tennis star Andy Roddick who always follow and gives direction her husband. Her inspiration is a great tonic for Roddick.

Kim Sears, girl friend of tennis star Andy Murray who sharing everything and support him every match from the gallery.


Maria Perello, girl friend of mega tennis star Rafael Nadal. Maria supports Nadal all day long & take care to Nadal regularly.

Mirka Federer, wife of tennis champion Rogar Federer. She attend every match of Federer and   encourage her husband. She has great emotion for Federer.


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