The End of a Great singer : Amy Winehouse (1983–2011)

Amy Winehouse, died at 27. In her little life she has achieved much popularity. But alas! She would be derailed by alcohol, drugs and bad choices. She was a famous singer as same as Europe and America. Only two albums, she has released. ‘Back to Black” known her as a great singer all over the world.

This album song ‘Rehab’ won the Grammy Award as record of the year and song of the year. If she could not bring herself to heed. Although the London police has declared to investigate her death.
The years after ‘black to black’ gained a very public decline. Her performances were erratic. She planned and canceled tours, went in and out of hospital.

Winehouse shared drug benders and never made it through rehab. The long, pathetic spectacle brought joy only to the jacklegs of the British tabloids, which sneered in big headlines at each new downturn.
She was no manufactured pop community, but genuine musician. One of the very small handfuls of British singers whose version of American soul music had a gutsiness flair far beyond what could be studied.
 Amy Winehouse before and After
While she had many song wrote collaborators on ‘frank’. Her lyrics already showed her acerbic, unsparing eye on both the people she observed. On black to black album she worked as a disc jockey, and turned. Winehouse wrote songs on her own.
Amy Winehouse stage performance.
Especially she sang her misery after her break up and about temptations she could not find off, alcohol. Drugs, sex and addicts boyfriend.
In her music Winehouse could sketch out her troubled and loved them all, with a resilient beat and that insouciant flutter in her voice outside the recording studio, as a human being separate from her art, not winehouse but its songs turned out would be wiser than she was.


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