In Bangladesh Che Guevara, symbol of capitalism

Che Guevara,  a  revolutionary,  honorable &  respectable man. He is a great leader of socialism. His socialism was not a belief, a theory, it was a revaluation also. He was a protector capitalism, fundamentalism. In history he is success soldier of socialism….

But alas! It is a great sorrow that, element of capitalism. Here, there are many things are designed and painted by Che Guevara photo, And it is sold to people. These things are T-shirt, Cap, Bag, Key-ring, Coffee mug etc.

It has no doubt that, Che is a great man. His achievement is also good. But we can’t pay pure respect to him.

We make him a goods of business, as a result we marked him symbol of capitalism. But he who all a every moment went to ruin of capitalism.

Forgive us Che, as a Bangladeshi we beg it to you.


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