How strange: One snake, two head

We have seen and heard many kinds of snake name. CaliforniaKingsnakes is one of the most familiar snake.  Naturally the color of California Kingsnakes is black. But something strange matter is happened in the World. But have you listened the California King snakes are white color? Have you seen two-headed snake?  

Yes. Recently we have known that, California Kingsnake is white colored though it is white so it rare. Here, it is also strange that it has two-head. It can think separately by each head & also eat independently. Now this snake is presently showed at the Black Sea resort town of Yalta. It is three years old and its length two-foot (60 centimeter). It is loaned from Germany.

“This snake’s two head are conscious to their autonomous. Besides all time they are not agreeing to eat same food” said the keepers of the private zoo name of Skazka, or Fairy Tale. They also said “sometime it tries to feed separately then two head fight for food.”

Zoo worker added, when the snake so hungry, its try to take food each other. In that time, we provide individually food to their mouth. But it takes food then both head stay silent because they have one stomach.”
Now the number of visitors is nearly double since the snake display on the zoo. And the visitors are entering fascinated and leave pleased.


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