Beverley Mitchell pregnant for the first time!

Beverley Mitchell pregnant

Beverley Mitchell pregnant for the first time 2012. In the series that made her famous, played Beverley Mitchell, the pastor's daughter Lucy, who lived with her six brothers and sisters under one roof. After the last season of the popular television series in America flickered 2007 on the screens, she sets out to now, in order to base their very own, private "celestial family". Beverley expecting her first child!

But she did not at first believe that she should be in other circumstances. The first sign she noticed when her sense of smell sharpened in a strange way and in her own words, she could sniff out a baby diaper on the other end of the restaurant.

 "I have made seven pregnancy tests. I went to the doctor and had yet to perform two more tests and he told me: 'Bev, if the first test is positive, the other usually falls even from the same', "she told the American People magazine.

Recently celebrated the expectant mother and her husband Michael Cameron their fourth wedding anniversary. One of the first people who learned of her mother's happiness, the way their serial sister Jessica Biel was. The baby will be born in April.


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