"The Anna Nicole Smith Story": First Photos!

Agnes Bruckner as Breast Star. When Anna Nicole Smith, the super blonde scandal noodle and Sugar Girl of the 89-year-old billionaire J. In 2007, Howard Marshall died of (accidental) overdose of medicine; an outcry went through the lifestyle scene.

An eternity Hollywood puzzled to see which actress for "lifetime" Biography of Anna Nicole - what Hollywood was apparently obligatory - but rejected. Were hotly debated among other Mad Men star Christina Hendricks and Jim Carrey Jenny McCarthy Ex. Also Popo Cocos names fans threw in the idea pool.

Nabbed the role, the TV star Agnes Bruckner, we are all better known as Heather Parker, the mother of Dell's subsidiary in the Grey's Anatomy spin-off "Private Practice". Entertainment Tonight led the first interview with the current peroxide blonde Bruckner: "The transformation was crazy! I am actually a real brunette. That's why I have a lot of research - especially Nicole's interviews. Her story is really interesting because it was so complex, just an iconic personality. On the one hand I thought, That is scary! On the other hand I was really excited. "
We also curious whether the 27-year-olds are able to represent Anna Nicole's mix of mirth, frivolity and vulnerability!


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