“…Justin Bieber, a Younger Father”

Justin Bieber

The Youngest Music star Justin Bieber has alleged about fathering of a three month older child. It’s a great crisis that the issue will lead him to face a DNA test to prove this event.
Maria Yeater, a fan of Justin, who claimed against him that she met with him after a show at Los Angeles Staples Center in last year. As a result, she has given birth a child & demand that, Justin is the father of her child.
But 17 years older Justin has refused this claim and pointed this as a rumor.
Justin Bieber Cool
At present situation Maria Yeater threaded him to writ in court. Maria’s lawman has told it. He also added his patron claim is absolutely right and they will expose the truth in court. But she is not asking for excessive payment.
Maria hopes that Justin will be ready to solve the problem willingly and come to an end.


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