Rehab, can makes change of addicted men

Now a day’s drug addiction and others addiction is a very common problem to every society especially of celebrities.  As a result many of them are going into rehab. Sean, Jessica, Dwight and Steven are famous celebrities who have recently checked into rehab.
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson, an American actress who addicted with marijuana and alcohol for a long time. She did not care it, but she is bounded by Drew and Bob to start sober living.

Not only Jessica but also many men are going everyday to rehab but we can't know it. Although in the developing countries like Bangladesh the limit of rehabilitation are increasing day by day. At present many local celebrities are addicted by drugs & alcohols. But it is hard and long term process treatment to cure them. Because rehab nursing & rehabilitation are not available in developing countries. 
Drug Addicted Girl
Rehab is easy in developed country. But the civil men of this country are not interested about it. If a man doesn’t take rehab seriously, he will go to die.

Rehabilitation nurses help individuals affected by continual illness or physical disability to adjust to their potential and work toward creative, self-regulating lives.
Celebrities Rehab Cast
Drug makes a man weak, sick and hopeless. So it is very important to send him/her into a rehab. The Argentinian football legend Diageo Maradona had gone near to die by drug addiction. After the process of Rehabilitation he has come as a strong & young man.

Generally a drug addicted people can’t realize the effects of it and loves to take drugs. For this every year many men are died. The Hollywood music celebrity Amy Winewhouse is the best example.

Amy Winehouse
In high society Drug addiction regard as a fashion and it is a common mania to them. But it is very dangerous for man especially young generation.

So we should know much about effects of drugs. And also know about the Rehabilitation.


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