Fatherhood is waiting for “Dancing” Champion J.R. Martinez.

J.R. Martinez and Gonzalez-Jones

A mirror ball trophy winner on Dancing with the Stars J.R. Martinez is going to be a Father. His girlfriend Diana Gonzalez-Jones and   Martinez both together is going to be parents. They are expecting their first child come in the world in next spring.  
J.R. Martinez was born on 14th June 1983, Louisiana. U.S.  He is an American Actor and EX- Army soldier of U.S. Martinez is also a well dancer. All My Children of ABC daytime drama, J.R. Martinez play a role of Brot Monroe in2008.

U.S Actor J.R. Martinez and Gonzalez-Jones first met when he Played-act on All My Children. In that time, Gonzalez-Jones was an assistant executive producer of the shop. They come to each other very close and inbound on sweet love.

Gonzalez-Jones told to PEOPLE that, they are so good fried that romantically, just rerated right way. It was no adjustment period.

J.R. Martinez and her oral wife Gonzalez-Jones both are feel so exciting cause it is a first time Martinez is going to be a DAD. It is a best gift for his whole life.  They are ready for their upcoming child.


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