‘Happy Christmas Day 2011’

Today is Christmas day. It is s biggest religious festival all over the world. It is a happiest day of christens. They believe Jesus was born that day.

The story of Christmas has a story of 4000 years. During, Roman era was a great empire which ruled by Caesar Augustus and Jesus Mother land Israel was governed by King Herod.          
Jesus was born in a hills cave which was a stable room. It was a small town of Bethlehem. 

The correct day of the Christ birth has never been marked. Traditions say the Christmas has been distinguished since the year 98 AD.  The birthday of the Christ Child celebrated as a formal religious feast; the Roman Bishop structured it in 137 AD. Julius 1 a powerful Bishop of Rome, who has chosen 25th December as the observance of Christmas in 350 AD. Since then every year 25th December is observed world largest festival.

Jesus is not only the founder of christen religion but also he is one of a great prophet of Islam. In Islam Jesus is familiar by name Hazrat Esa (alh.).

There are many similarities between the Christen and Islam.

The Christens believes God is the Almighty and Jesus is a part of him. They know him as son of God. It means Jesus is a virtue of God. Every Year the day is observed with a great respect & joy. Though a few Christens live in Bangladesh but the observed Christmas freely. And the other communities of Bangladesh are interested to it.


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