Miserable Christmas for Southern Philippines…!

How Strange the world, also the activities of God! When all nation of Christian are enjoying Christmas day, at the same time Southern Philippines are facing food and water crisis. 

Today is Christmas day of Christian world. Alike all over the world Philippines has observed this day with excitement and joy. But it was miserable for Southern part of Philippines. 

Here many people have passed their Christmas in emergency shelter home. Because the summer storm has created flood and it has turned into a national calamity. The affected people have not enough facilities of pure drinking water and sanitation.

The serious affected area is Cagayan de oro city. The city Mayor Visente Emmano has spoken to his people that, this year the Christmas will not be held here. The director of area social welfare Aracelli solamilo wished, his institution will be served special foods for affected and homeless people.  
Benigno Aquino, Philippine president declared a state of national calamity after flash floods and landslides of southern region last weekend. It causes death about more than 1,000 people and leaving 10,000 homeless. Floods have affected more than 338,000 people in 13 different provinces, with nearly 69,000 still in emergency shelter home.


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